About Me


Patricia Greber

Ok, so you want to know more — I am ‘The Mom’ who has dragged her husband and children all over Canada with the “It’s a family vacation”, “It’ll be so fun!” knocking on doors of far-flung relatives, sending my husband off to Staples to copy a document or photograph (long before the Flip-Pal scanner ever thought of being invented) and watched as my kids hunted for frogs in cemeteries. This has been going on for years and my family is very cautious about any upcoming trips we are taking.

My genealogy is heavily Canadian based. Between my husband and myself, our ancestors lived in almost every Province in Canada. I have been able to trace my lines back to Ireland, England and Scotland. Which the DNA has agreed with – oh ya, I love DNA and have tested anyone who will stick out their tongue or spit for me!

I am an avid learner and attend courses, webinars and conferences whenever I can. And… one day I was clipping newspapers for our genealogy society and saw that the local archives had an opening. Three years later and I am loving my job!

As I have been researching for twenty years I have learned and discovered numerous resources which I blog about.

I am currently the Vice President of our local Genealogical Society and have also been the secretary and the newsletter editor.

Thank you for reading and I wish you the best of luck as you explore your own genealogy!

Seanachai – a traditional Gaelic storyteller in Ireland who shared oral family traditions and stories. I am a modern day Seanachai.

You can reach me at treesrch1800@gmail.com

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